NEW COLLECTION: Reminiscence

NEW COLLECTION: Reminiscence

KHUSTYNA - the brand of unique silk accessories and gifts, launched a collection developed together with designer Serhii Karpa - "Reminiscence".

"When you close your eyes, your imagination draws stories, broadcasts what you feel and what you see.  And sometimes you do want to catch a dream, close it in your head, and view images that bring happiness hundreds of times".

 A scarf is a vivid memory captured on silk.  A memory tied on the head, which will become a valuable family heirloom, the best gift and memory of the future victory," comments Serhiy.

The new "Reminiscence” collection of the KHUSTYNA brand is a memory that will be with you in any part of the world and will symbolize our Ukraine.

Having a KHUSTYNA scarf, you immediately remember pleasant evenings with relatives and loved ones, important and significant events in life.

The plots on the pictures of the scarves are like answers to an important question for us:

"How do I see Ukraine?"


"Bright, majestic and blooming".

Scarves are already available for sale on the KHUSTYNA website and from 17.10 in TSUM.

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