Frequently asked questions


Where is it possible to get acquainted with scarves, try them on and choose?

Answer: In any showroom, mall or boutique, the official partner of the brand

More detailed list of partners is at the link.



Can I try on a scarf before I buy it?

Answer: Yes, before you buy a handkerchief, you can look at it in the boutiques of partners, or by ordering delivery on our website by new mail.



What is scarf fabric?

Answer: All scarves of the KHUSTYNA brand are made exclusively of Italian TWILL silk (Como region, Italy).



Are the images on scarves unique?

Answer: All handkerchief designs are low-weight, developed by Ukrainian and foreign illustrators. If you want to design a handkerchief of your own, we have a special service for this: KHUSTYNA STUDIO.



If the colour of the scarves or their size does not suit me, will I be able to exchange them for another?

Answer: Yes, you will be able to exchange the news from us for another if you bought it in our online store