KHUSTYNA - Always a good gift for mom, sister, daughter and wife for the celebration or just like a daily present.
A story about your uniqueness
KHUSTYNA collection sales started in 2021 in the capital. Handmade silk scarves have become a priority for lovers of the unique clothing style. KHUSTYNA is a new attribute in the wardrobe of self-made women who want to always and everywhere feel unique.
Even at the design stage, the idea of ​​brand uniqueness was laid. Each painting on a scarf is a unique painting created by an illustrator.
KHUSTYNA scarves are made entirely by hand: from painting on TWIL silk to hemming the edges of the scarf.


The authors of the KHUSTYNA brand and the team of its designers made it impossible: they defined all the limits of emotions of a modern successful woman and placed them within the framework of silk scarves, leaving them the right to self-determination