Payment & delivery



5.1. The full cost of the goods is indicated on the pages of the Seller's online store.

5.2. Prices for goods and services may vary depending on market conditions, which is reflected in the prices in the online store. The Seller may not change the price for a particular Buyer, if he has already accepted the terms of the Seller and made in the manner prescribed by this agreement payment for the Goods (services).

5.3. The buyer pays for the order (in the amount of 100% subscription) using the system



Order delivery


6.1. Shipment of goods to the Buyer occurs after receipt of 100% payment from the Buyer.

6.2. The Buyer receives the Goods through the delivery of the transport company.

6.3. Delivery and return of goods is performed by the Seller or the transport company (carrier) at the expense of the Buyer.

6.4. The cost of delivery in the online store is not specified, as it depends on the current tariffs of the transport company (carrier).

6.5. The seller is not responsible for the delivery time of the order, because they depend on the actions of third parties (carriers).

6.6. Payment for delivery is made by the Buyer to the Carrier Company independently upon receipt of the goods. The exact cost of delivery is determined by the Carrier Company and is announced by the company's courier when delivering the goods to the Buyer.

6.7. International orders will be shipped by Ukrposhta service. The delivery time is 10-20 business days.