Orangery of memories: New collection of silk scarves "L'Orangerie" by KHUSTYNA

Orangery of memories: New collection of silk scarves "L'Orangerie" by KHUSTYNA

KHUSTYNA brand presented a new collection of silk scarves "L'Orangerie", which preserves the warmest memories and inspires us to create new unforgettable moments.

In today's world, when time flies too fast and we are constantly in a rush, it is important not to forget to notice the beauty that surrounds us. The "L'Orangerie" collection of silk scarves embodies the most precious memories of each person, with the aim of inspiring us to create new unique moments.

Anna Grigorieva, CEO of Flowerpot, became the face of the "L'Orangerie" collection.

Anna's comment:

This collection is not only a reminder of the past, but also an invitation to create new unique moments. She inspires us to live in the moment, enjoy each day and give ourselves the joy of the moment. Buying flowers for mood, dressing up, wearing silk scarves for no particular reason. Because you feel extremely acutely the value of life and pleasant moments during the war.

I wish that every woman can create her own beautiful reality and enjoy every moment of life no matter what," Anna Grigorieva shares her emotions.

"The L'Orangerie collection is like a silk orangery where flowers bloom at any time of the year. We collected our favorite flowers, which are known to everyone since childhood, and remind us of the warmest moments of our lives. Each scarf of this collection is an artwork, with which we want to adorn the everyday life of every woman," shares Anastasia Gembitska, art director of the KHUSTYNA brand.

"L'Orangerie" Scarves

The "Ukrainian primrose" scarf is filled with memories of the first spring days and the aroma of cherry blossoms. This scarf is the true embodiment of spring purity and inspiration.

A bright bouquet of daffodils, lilies of the valley, and mimosa on a "Ukrainian april flowers" scarf evokes memories of the first homemade bouquet of flowers, made with absolute love and care, which the children brought to their mother.


The "Ukrainian voilets" scarf carries you to the past, when the smell of violets and colorful flowers filled your garden. These are not just flowers, but drops of memories that inspire and soothe the soul.

A bouquet of peonies, tulips and periwinkle on a "Ukrainian may flowers" scarf inspires the warmest memories of first love, evening walks under blooming trees and anticipation of the coming summer.

The "Ukrainian fluttering" scarf carries us to the atmosphere of an autumn morning, when the smell of midsummer and coolness mingled with the freshness of flowers.

Each scarf of the "L'Orangerie" collection comes with a greeting card and a gift certificate for a 20% discount on bouquets at the Flowerpot flower market, where you can buy flowers that will complement your gift for a loved one.

You can buy scarves from the new "L'Orangerie" on the website KHUSTYNA.COM and in the TSUM on the 3rd floor at the corner of the brand.

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