Interview with founder & designer of brand KHUSTYNA

Interview with founder & designer of brand KHUSTYNA


Maxim Turava

Maxim shared with the editors how he is experiencing this war and what gives him the strength to hold on and believe in victory.


What does the war at home mean to you?

For me, war is something completely irrelevant as a tool for resolving conflict.  It is very scary to realize that such a position is not held by the whole world, and there are still countries that believe otherwise.  We are given a unique chance at life, why we should kill each other for the limited thinking of some individuals.  War is a terrible phenomenon that has come to one of the peaceful country, which has been defending its freedom and independence for many years.

What did she change, how did she have to rebuild?

Until the last moment, I could not believe that war in Ukraine was possible.  25 days later I realize it was inevitable.  Our people do not plan to obey anyone and be a country - a companion of some barbaric countries.  Ukraine is an independent sovereign state with a recognized president.  We have our own vector of development, we have desires and plans, we have hopes and we have a great strength of will and spirit that will surely lead us to victory!  We are now defending the position of the whole world.  I hope this will be credited to us in the future!

What about your business now, what are the losses?

My business is quite young and authorial.  Handmade silk scarves are not essentials.  In the war, women's accessories are one of the last goods that may be needed.  I do not want to talk about losses.  Everyone is now contributing and "contributing" to their homeland for its independence and freedom.  Let these losses be a kind of reward.

As history has shown more than once, the Ukrainian people, like the phoenix, are being reborn and becoming even more powerful.

 What about the plans?

Speaking of plans, which is still too early to do, I would like to expand my presence in neighboring markets to the west.  This opportunity, which will allow my homeland, Ukraine, to recover economically as soon as possible.

What helps not to despair and move on?

Having relatives and friends, joint chats for mutual support, discussions of plans for a happy future and of course - humor.  Humor is something that Ukrainians can never take away.  As the great Ukrainian writer, Lesya Ukrainka, said, When I wanted to cry, I laughed.

It also inspires hope and supports universal unity both in the country and abroad.  We have united the whole country to give a worthy rebuff to the aggressor!  Victory is right for us!

How do you do business in a country where there is a full-scale war?

In fact, it is very difficult, as the logistics in the country are not working in full.  More for humanitarian needs.  Nevertheless, there are some opportunities to do business in western Ukraine.  For us, this is an opportunity to give a worthy answer to the enemy!

 What is the fashion industry in Ukraine doing now?

The fashion industry is now actively involved in volunteering:

sew various items of equipment for the military, raises funds to support the Ukrainian army.  Some sales brands donate part of the funds to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Is there enough support from the whole world?

If we talk about finances, probably enough.  If you consider the support of closing the sky - it is not, just heard the heated discussions that do not lead to any result.  If we talk about the supply of equipment, it is probably not enough.  We are very much counting on your help.  Ukraine is fighting not only for itself - we are fighting for the whole democratic world!

How do you help your country with military support?

I plan to transfer all the proceeds from the sale of my brand to the army aid fund.  Opportunity to conduct business for me at the moment is a matter of support for my country, my homeland!

Are you planning to enter new markets, say the EU, the US or something else?

Definitely yes, there are plans to enter friendly markets in the near future to be able to also help relatives, friends and homeland.

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